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Here’s your Catosal b12 for horses. Catosal B-12 is a supplement of cobalt and vitamin B12 used as growth promoters in equine animals. The product belongs to the veterinary drugs category. Cobalt (Co) is considered an essential nutrient for ruminants, though it is not required in the diet directly because it can be recycled from urine and feces. Cobalt is a constituent of vitamin B12 and is required for the enzymatic conversion of carbohydrates to glucose. Here you can buy Catosal B-12 at the best price from us!

We also deal in Toltrazuril for horses. This drug has an active metabolite, which inhibits the dopamine receptors of some blood parasites in a dose-dependent manner. That's why this medication is used to treat many types of worms such as roundworms (ascarids), whipworms, tapeworms, etc. Toltrazuril is used to kill or deworm horses, and it's typically sold per ounce. When you use this medication to treat your horse, we recommend that you administer the maximum dosage of 3mg/lb of body weight twice daily for 7 days straight. The treatment period can last up to 14 days depending on whether your veterinarian prescribes a lower dosage than 3mg/lb of body weight. We have Toltrazuril for sale online.

We also have Enroxil 10 for sale at our online store. Enroxil 10 is used for treating gray dapple disease in horses. Enroxil 10 side effects may include headache, back pain, cough, joint pain, and swelling of lymph nodes. We have Enroxil 10 for sale at our online store. It is an extended-release form of trimethoprim. It is available for oral administration in 200 mg strength. It works by killing susceptible bacteria by inhibiting bacterial dihydomonucleotide reductase enzyme. Buy Enroxil 10 for horses now.



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