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Stakeholder Manager

Job opening​

Who are we at Connected Circles?



Our mission is to disrupt how leaders communicate with key stakeholders in the digital age. As trust moves from brands to people, leaders are expected to be visible, accessible, and human. We help purpose-driven companies, leaders and their teams to create meaningful conversations and make a positive impact in the world.


We believe in the impact of human-to-human interaction powered by data. In the ever-expanding world of content, we use data insights to cut through the noise and identify the right people. Having analyzed thousands of CEO posts, we understand how to create truly useful and engaging content. Enabled by AI technology, creative and strategic thinking, we build online profiles that become centers for discussion, inspiration, and learning.


With the right balance of tech and human capabilities, we help our clients to generate new business, retain and attract talent, boost their brand reach by as much as 400%, and gain trust through transparency, consistency, and relevant content.

What you are like

We are looking for a highly skilled, passionate and motivated Engagement Manager with a proven track record in executing client-based work at a strategic and operational level.

You will be part of a small but growing, ambitious, high-energy, global team. You will work directly with the project lead and support them with day-to-day operations, research, stakeholder- and project management support. A large portion of your work will include assimilating a wide range of information for the production of top-notch communication materials in order to operationalise ideas and outcomes from the business transformation journey. You will also be expected to play a role in facilitating smaller client group meetings (virtual or in-person breakout rooms) to achieve optimal results.


Candidate Profile

While CONNECTED CIRCLES is not a traditional PR and communications agency, experience of the rigor in a fast-paced, client-focused, best-in-class consultancy is required. You will bring a strong knowledge of project management, strategy, and business principles, as well as a general understanding of the dynamics of transformation in large organizations and/or other human systems. You are able to think strategically, but are also execution-oriented, proactive, responsive and flexible, and can handle the ambiguity of a rapidly expanding business.

We imagine that you started your career in one of the top-tier management consultancies. You cut your teeth on the hard stuff, so to speak, and know how to produce amazing analysis while engaging with clients at every level, with the right professional yet human tone of voice.

And now you have reached the moment where you have realized that life is more than just about more efficiency or making more money - it's about value AND values, profits AND purpose or even profits THROUGH purpose, preserving the one planet we have, and making sure everyone has equal opportunities in life... that was the moment you decided to move into something that is more purpose-driven.

An entrepreneurial spirit is key in a scale-up environment.

You will play an important role:

  • Project management
    - You will manage complex projects, timelines and multi-stakeholder situations whilst having a strong eye for the human side of the transformations and a passion for psychology, emotions and interpersonal relationships.
    - You will be engaging with a variety of stakeholders, from senior partners to senior leadership executives at the client.


  • Collaborate and work effectively in a complex team
    - You will manage up-getting expert input, downgrading tasks, and working with junior members of the team, left, right, forward, and backward, with creative and operational support.
    - You will build momentum and mobilize the engagement team for successful execution and timely delivery of the journey's objectives by organizing regular check-ins with your team members.
    - You will work closely with the client's day-to-day journey team to ensure the delivery of the outcomes into actionable work streams and specific strategic objectives to transform the business.- You will regularly align and share knowledge and best practices with other EMs across the CONNECTED CIRCLES team.


  • Discovery, insights & creative production:

    Strategy & Sustainability:

    - Research across the client's industry to understand global trends and competitive threats.
    - Benchmark the client's performance and position against key competitors.
    - Deep dive on their history, business models, their existing sustainability and purpose-driven initiatives or strategies, and related sustainability trends and stakeholder map.
    - Assimilate and operationalize key findings from the company journey sessions to support the leadership/participants develop a strategic direction that is purpose-led and future-fit, and creates optimal circumstances to become system transformers.

    - Research client's leadership team to collectively understand the "system in the room" and interpersonal dynamics.
    - Support the development of mindset map, group formation, and other culture diagnostics

    Creative Production & Assets:
    - Develop creative client-ready assets (PPTs, virtual and multi-day client offsites, etc.) that are appropriate for the client.

    Learning organization:
    - Compile learnings from the journey and delivering artifacts to the client
    - Compile methods and procedures for EM playbook for ‘train the trainer’ apprenticeship model

To succeed in your role, you:

  • are a people person who understands and can demonstrate the importance of relationships and connections on a human level and is able to work effectively with people at all levels of an organization.

  • are a generalist and have experience in a variety of industries and cultures.

  • have the ability to adapt and learn quickly in a new environment, and are willing to take on challenges, ask questions, and not just take instructions.

  • are a strategic thinker and can see the forest from the trees, and recognize the so-what's that matter, whilst also being very organized and able to work in a fast and agile manner.

Your qualifications are:

  • A Bachelor's degree

  • 2-3 years of project management experience in a top-tier consulting company, with additional knowledge of transformation and/or sustainability.

  • A proven record of high performance and notable achievements in your previous positions.

  • Excellent oral and written communication in fluent English (near native). Dutch, French and German are a HUGE +.

  • Experience in working within a start-up environment or rapidly expanding company is desirable.

Values and motivation we are looking for:

  • Purpose driven - deeply passionate about business as a force for good, sustainability and social impact, with knowledge and understanding of the key drivers, issues and trends shaping the field.

  • Passionate about helping people adapt to systems change.

  • A team player who is willing to roll up your sleeves when needed.

  • Respectful - you bring your views and opinions to the team while being considerate of the views of others.

  • An optimistic, open-minded and cheerful team member.

This is an extremely rewarding opportunity for a bright and driven individual who wants to make a difference in the world through their work. Talented individuals who fit the above profile, please send us your application to Philippe at

If we think you would be a good match we will do our best to get back to you in 2 weeks time.

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