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We are a team of thinkers, analysts, designers, and creators that are determined to build a better world. We work with clients who share our vision of a sustainable, conscious, and inclusive future. We create because we believe that great conversations are a force for good. Meet our creators. 

Mylena Pierremont
Galimir Dilkin 
Michel Guichard
Sandrine Ehrmann
Anne Leray
Clement Taffin
Eileen van Vliet
Giedre Remezaite
Lars Konijnenberg
Trees van boven.jpg
Trees van Boven
Liselott Sivukari
Azmi Wahab Connected Circles
Azmi Wahab
David Dijkhuis.jpeg
David Dijkhuis 
Nora Amélie Lauff 
Timon Tete 

The Middle East Team

Fagr Kassim-Ali
Obaid Sultan Al Suwaidi Connected Circle
Obaid Al Suwaidi
Hamda Almidfa Connected Circles Middle E
Hamda Almidfa


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