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Social Selling

Engage to convert

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content of your key accounts and targets 


with the content of the people who matter the most


how to build meaningful relationships through content


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LinkedIn Content Dashboards

Stay informed about what your key accounts and leads are talking about on LinkedIn and turn cold calls into warm conversations. Track and engage with the content of the people who matter the most.

  • Cross-device content analytics 

  • Social selling on LinkedIn 

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Content and Engagement Strategy

Understand how to leverage your and your company's network for warm introductions. Learn how to use tools to find and approach high-quality leads. Discover content topics that are relevant to you and your prospects. Learn how to start conversations in an authentic and engaging way. 

  • LinkedIn positioning strategy

  • Social selling strategy

  • Content strategy

  • Lead discovery 

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Sales Team Training

Empower your sales team to become thought leaders by providing them with resources, industry news, and relevant content they can share when approaching their prospects. Understand how to build meaningful relationships through online engagement and increase your conversion rate drastically. 

  • Customized LinkedIn training 

  • Lead generation strategy LinkedIn

  • Social selling strategy LinkedIn

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Wherever I went internationally, people would approach me and comment on the strong social media presence. It would start discussions that sometimes led to new partnerships and sales.

- Harald, Circular Economy Executive 

Track content of the people who matter the most

Stay informed about your key accounts and leads to turn cold calling into warm conversations

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