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Social Media Data Expert 

Job opening​

We believe in the impact of human-to-human interaction powered by data. We use data insights to cut through the noise and identify the most effective content for the right audience. Join us on our mission to disrupt how leaders communicate with key stakeholders in the digital age.

Connected Circles Job opening Social med
What you are like
  • You have a passion for social media and actively participate in online conversations.

  • Driven by your natural curiosity, you keep yourself updated with the latest industry news. 

  • You are confident in your time management and project planning capabilities. 

  • You are proactive and know how to operate in a startup environment.

  • You are curious about social media data and how much can be learned from it. 


What you will do
  • Set up processes and applications to collect, store and analyze public social media data 

  • Work on creating a sustainable and scalable data structure for our clients and processes. 

  • Learn about the unique way we apply NLP and NLG AI technology and align that with our data strategy.

  • Use tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Toucan Toco to visualize beautiful data stories for our clients.

  • Create industry reports based on social media data to be published by Connected Circles. 

  • Help the client managers of Connected Circles understand their client performance through data. 

  • Report on client performance through structured dashboards and insights. 

  • Manage our Azure database and ensure data accuracy weekly.

  • Perfect English. Both written and spoken. 

  • Degree in Data Analytics or Business Intelligence (either finished or in final years).

  • Ability to multitask and meet tight deadlines.

  • Natural curiosity, a creative mindset, and a CAN-DO attitude.

  • Interest to work in a startup environment, which is fast-paced and ever-evolving.


Hands-on skills
  • In-depth experience with data analysis and visualization tools (Excel, Power BI, etc.).

  • Experience with advanced data management - especially with SQL, Python, Azure.

  • Social media analytics knowledge & experience is a big plus.

  • Any experience or at least interest in AI such as NLP and NLG, could be a huge plus.


What we offer
  • Flexible commitment options – from a minimum of 3 days per week to full-time

  • If currently studying – the position would be a 6 month paid internship

  • If already graduated – 6-12 month contract with a high extension probability based on performance

  • COVID-19 ready – full remote work flexibility with access to high-speed computers remotely if needed


​Connect to Galimir Dilkin on LinkedIn or send an email to

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