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Employee Advocacy 

Become a top employer and empower your employees to become social advocates


your most active brand advocates


your teams to create great content


the impact of employee advocacy on your business


Advocacy Impact Analytics & Insights

Identify your most active employees on LinkedIn. Stay informed about what, how often, and when your employees are talking about your brand. Measure the impact of employee advocacy on your business. 

  • Top advocates analysis 

  • Content analytics & insights 

  • Impact analytics & insights 

  • Employer branding strategy

Top Industry Content 

Top industry content, delivered straight to your inbox weekly. We have trained dozens of AI-based content tools dedicated to finding the best articles per industry and key business topics. Start meaningful conversations by sharing the most recent and engaging content.

  • AI-generated content feeds

Employee Advocacy Training  

Equip and empower your employees to become your top brand advocates. With our personalized training program, they can gain practical tools and knowledge on how to optimize their LinkedIn presence and create meaningful content about your brand. They will learn how to:

  • Employee advocacy program 

  • Employee branding strategy 

  • Create a perfect LinkedIn profile 

  • Build a consistent and strategic network

  • Create high-quality, authentic content

  • Support their colleagues through engagement

Brand Content Creation

Tap into our expertise in branded content, gained through our extensive analysis of thousands of LinkedIn posts. Show your leadership in the field by creating truly useful and engaging content about trends and events happening in the world. Build a social media profile to become a center for discussion, inspiration, and learning. ​

  • Content creation tailored and aligned to your brand identity

  • Video production and post-production

  • Article writing & co-creation

  • High-quality content in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and German

Compare Your
Advocacy to Competitors

Know what the employees of your competitors are talking about their brand.  Understand what, how often, and when their employees are talking about their brand. Draw inspiration and learn from our insights. 

  • Content analytics & insights 

  • Impact analytics & insights 

Since we started working with Connected Circles, we are much further than we were before. We have a large internal corporate influencer network and have trained almost a thousand colleagues in optimizing their personal profiles on LinkedIn. All this resulted in a multiplication of our brand reach and we took the digital communication strategy to the next level.

- Stefan, Digital Communications Travel Industry

Measure the impact of employee advocacy on your business

Stay informed about what, how often, and when your employees are talking about your brand.


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