Edelman Trust Barometer 2018


Authentic. Complete. Communicating your story and values.

Targeted. Active. People you can continuously exchange value with.

Original. Constructive. Focused on the "Why", rather than the "What". 

Our work usually starts with the C-Level executives who need to shift the way they communicate online. Very often, once that new process is in place, we need to expand our activity and help their extended teams of trusted employees through more advanced content work, training and research. 


Understand your objectives, unique stakeholder network, and key topics. Benchmark your online approach versus peers and competitors. Set and execute your custom content, growth and positioning strategy.

Define your tone of voice and topic mix. Set a detailed content roadmap (curated and created). Produce and manage all the content you need - articles, videos, interviews, event coverage. 

Host in-depth personal or group training for executives focused on optimizing online profiles, effective content management, employee advocacy, and communication strategy. 

Generate custom reports into topics, industries, leaders or companies. Audit all online activity, analyze engagement, deep dive into content and generate actionable insights for you and your company.

Public online communication will generate continuous engagement and dialogue with all your most important stakeholders.

Your positive and authentic content will inspire talent both inside and outside your company to consider you as a top employer. 

By sharing valuable and relevant content you will motivate other industry experts to share their valuable perspectives with you.

Through the many relevant new connections, numerous business and personal opportunities will arise for offline collaboration and partnerships.

We use a combination of proprietary and external tools to optimize and improve the quality of our analytics, content and communication advice. These are some of the best we've come across:

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