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Our mission is to disrupt how leaders and corporate brands communicate with key stakeholders in the digital age. As trust moves from brands to people, leaders are expected to be visible, accessible, and human. We help purpose-driven companies, leaders and their teams to create meaningful conversations and make a positive impact in the world.

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We believe in the impact of human-to-human interaction powered by data. In the ever-expanding world of content, we use data insights to cut through the noise and identify the right people. Having analyzed thousands of CEO posts, we understand how to create truly useful and engaging content. Enabled by AI technology, creative and strategic thinking, we build online profiles that become centers for discussion, inspiration, and learning.

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With the right balance of tech and human capabilities, we help our clients to generate new business, retain and attract talent, boost their brand reach by as much as 400%, and gain trust through transparency, consistency, and relevant content.

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Executive Positioning

Connect with and inspire your stakeholders through data-driven, purposeful and authentic content. Tap into our knowledge gained by analyzing thousands of CEO posts and profiles on LinkedIn. Understand which content engages the most and why, and start meaningful conversations today.

Inspire all stakeholders

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Employee Advocacy

Strengthen your employer brand with our employee advocacy program, custom insights, and analytics. Identify your most active employees on LinkedIn and equip them to create compelling content. Measure the impact of employee advocacy on your business with our unique LinkedIn analytics.

Empower your employees to become social advocates

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Data Analytics

Track your network growth. Measure the performance of your content. Understand who is engaging with your content. Stay updated on your key accounts, competitors or partners. Keep track of your brand visibility and engagement.

Go beyond LinkedIn analytics. Stay informed with our LinkedIn reports anytime, anywhere, from any device.


Some of our clients

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What people say about us:

My experience working with Connected Circles has been powerful and positive. The Connected Circles team consists of top professionals who have the customer interests at heart when creating tailored solutions. They are truly leading edge and the best in their field, letting you shift to a different level.

- Marco, CEO at a global mobility company



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