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Executive Positioning  

Inspire all stakeholders 


with your stakeholders on a deeper level


people through authentic content   


those who matter the most


Content Creation 

Tap into our knowledge, gained through our extensive analysis of thousands of CEO’s LinkedIn profiles and posts. Show your leadership in the field by sharing truly useful and engaging content about trends and events happening in the world. Build a social media profile to become a center for discussion, inspiration, and learning. 

  • Hyper-personalized content 

  • Video production and post-production

  • Article writing & co-creation

  • High-quality content in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and German

  • CEO branding / Executive brand

LinkedIn Profile Optimization 

Optimize your LinkedIn profile. Tell your story and mission in a compelling way. Be discovered by the right people and create a powerful first impression. 

  • Profile revamp (summary and experience)

  • SEO optimization

  • Visual selection

Unique LinkedIn 

Analytics & Insights 

Go beyond LinkedIn analytics. Track your network growth anytime, anywhere, from any device. Get an all-around view of your content’s performance. Understand who is engaging with your content. Receive the latest updates on your key accounts. Take action on your latest messages and comments, all in one place.

  • LinkedIn content analytics

  • LinkedIn network intelligence 

  • Competitor analysis and recommendation

Strategic Framework

Go beyond guesswork and understand how you can stand out on LinkedIn. Gain insights into what leaders in your industry are talking about. Find your unique voice and build a powerful and relevant network. 

  • LinkedIn Strategy

  • Benchmark analysis

  • Positioning strategy

  • LinkedIn content strategy

  • Network strategy

Strategic Network Building

Grow your network in a personalized and strategic way. Connect and start meaningful conversations with people, even if you've never met them. 

  • Key account identification

  • Support in network growth

LinkedIn Training & Coaching 

Gain practical tools and knowledge on how to optimize your LinkedIn presence, how to exchange value by creating meaningful content, and how to strategically build your network through proven psychological and social principles. 

  • Executive communication training

  • Learn how to create a perfect profile 

  • Learn how to build your network consistently

  • Understand how to create high-quality content

  • Learn how to build a community on Linkedin

Connected Circles brought me quick reactiveness, with a light process and easy interactions. Above all, they brought very high professionalism in communication - fine writers, to the point. It reads comfortably and naturally. They are agile, easy-going, and efficient.

- Eric, CEO Strategy Consulting

Track your progress with our LinkedIn analytics & insights 

Go beyond LinkedIn analytics. Be informed about your network and content growth. Know what other leaders or competitors are talking about.  

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