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The Future of Marketing is about Scaling Intimacy

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Industries are facing new horizons. The future of marketing in 2021 will be fresh, exciting, and sprawling with opportunity. Leveraging the unfolding potential requires an understanding of the shifts taking place in the marketing space right now.

The pandemic will deepen some trends while giving rise to some new ones. The granular monitoring of consumer behavior, which has always been critical, will gain new significance in understanding what post-COVID consumers think, feel, see, and do. This is especially the case for Gen Z'ers, Millennials, and higher-income customers, as social commerce is on the rise. How can you optimize the way you connect with customers in an online environment?

How can you establish meaningful relationships between them and your brand in a world where trust is a luxury?

How do you do it in a structured, affordable way?

This series of articles is a deep-dive into the future of marketing, with an overarching theme - Scaling Intimacy - a trend that will dominate the sector for a long time to come. We'll be touching on three separate subjects:


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