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Webinar | Brands Vs CEO's - Leveraging the voice of the CEO to build your brand and business

The way people interact with companies has changed. Brands are no longer at the center of conversations — it's people. As the digital landscape transforms, leaders and brand managers should be asking themselves: "How can we leverage the voices of employees and leaders to build our brand and business?"

Our data shows that leaders' personal profiles consistently outperform brand pages on LinkedIn, sometimes even by 7000%.

According to Nielsen's Global Trust, "92% of consumers trust a recommendation from a person over a company when they buy a product or a service. The average person who posts a brand message on social media gets 561% more engagement than when that same brand message is posted on social media by a company."

So, what does this mean for your communications strategy?

Personal profiles can be more impactful and engaging than massive company pages on LinkedIn, especially if it's the profile of a CEO, leader, or expert within the company. The principle of professionals engaging and sharing knowledge is and always has been at the core of LinkedIn.

Business leaders need to take ownership of their online communication and do so strategically, effectively, and consistently.

In this webinar, you will learn how to use executives' personal profiles to enhance the brand. We will share our data insights and dive into the following practical lessons:

♦ Why your CEO and employees should be at the core of our communication strategy

♦ How to strategically use executive profiles on LinkedIn to build business

♦ How to create synergy between your brand and executive leaders

♦ Why authenticity, relatability, transparency and human communication are key

And more…

Want to know how you score against your brand on LinkedIn?

Schedule a meeting and receive a complimentary personalized dashboard, showing you all your activity on LinkedIn compared to your company.


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