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Free webinar on 3rd July!

We know it can be tricky to navigate LinkedIn’s interface and have a clear overview of key insights, conversations, and leads online. That’s why we have created the Interactive LinkedIn Dashboard, powered by Toucan Tocothat allows you to stay informed with our LinkedIn reports anytime, anywhere, from any device:

✓ Track your network growth.

✓ Measure the performance of your content.

✓ Understand who is engaging with your content.

✓ Stay updated on your key accounts, competitors or partners.

✓ Keep track of your brand visibility and engagement.

Want to learn more? Join our founder Mylena Pierremont, Co-Founder & COO Galimir Dilkinand Toucan Toco Country Manager Yann Toutant on July 3rd for a free webinar, where we will discuss how you can harness the power of digital tools for your benefit!

Register for free:


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