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Top Content Week 20

Companies are reimagining the post-COVID return. What actions should CEOs take to ensure a safe launch? What skills will their workforce need? How our "return" will impact climate? More on this at our content selection of Week 20.

By Sapana Agrawal, Aaron De Smet, Sébastien Lacroix, and Angelika Reich | McKinsey | 12 min

" Workers across industries must figure out how they can adapt to rapidly changing conditions, and companies have to learn how to match those workers to new roles and activities. This dynamic is about more than remote working—or the role of automation and AI. It’s about how leaders can reskill and upskill the workforce to deliver new business models in the post-pandemic era." The article provides 6 detailed steps to reskilling. Read the full article here

Leadership | Organizations| Business | COVID-19

By Matt McGrath | BBC | 8 min

“We're living through the biggest carbon crash ever recorded. No war, no recession, no previous pandemic has had such a dramatic impact on emissions of CO2 over the past century as Covid-19 has in a few short months.” Matt McGrath, an environmental correspondent, looks at what impact coronavirus had on CO2 reduction and if it's enough to keep temperatures down to safer levels. Read the full article here

Economy | Climate | COVID-19 | Global warming

By Colin Beresford | Car and Driver | 2 min

“Just how different the post-coronavirus world will look is open to speculation—but survey data from IBM’s Institute for Business Value gives a glimpse into how people will utilize transportation, both public and private, once the world reopens." Read the full article here

Economy | Transportation | COVID-19

By Nancy Duarte | Harvard Business Review | 4 min

"In times like these, your customers and your employees need your wisdom and leadership more than ever, and you have a unique opportunity to move them forward in the midst of uncertainty. As you seek to inspire and motivate them to do the next right thing, don’t forget to include the why." Read the full article here

Leadership | Organizations | Business

By Adam Grant | The New York Times | 5 min

"Refusing to accept responsibility is not a sign of strength. It’s a sign of narcissism. No matter how hard we try to avoid it, we’re all doomed to hurt those we love. In quarantine, despite our best efforts, we’re all destined to annoy those we love." - says Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist. He explains what is the difference between a fake apology and the one that actually counts. Read the full article here

Emotional intelligence | Mental health

By Rob Wijnberg |The Correspondent | 8 min

"The coronavirus pandemic is climate change in a pressure cooker. And there’s a lot we can learn from that." An opinion piece about the similarities of the coronavirus pandemic to another invisible killer - climate change. Read the full article here

Economy | Climate | COVID-19

By Barbara Speed | Prospect Magazine | 14 min

"It is no wonder that we have become obsessed with sleep, and not only because a serious want of it really can make us ill. It also represents the ultimate escape from over-stimulated, over-stressed lives; and from those forces that compete for our attention. There is a powerful allure both in the promise of escaping this grave new world—and in imagining one might be able to wake up refreshed enough to deal with it." A piece about how to stay "awake" when the sleep industry bombards you with marketing messages about sleep. Read the full article here

Mental health | Health & Wellbeing | Sleep


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