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Top Content Week 22

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

There seems to be an increasing debate on the value of working at the office. Do we need expensive offices to have effective teams? Can we entirely work remotely, or do we need offices for some of the less tangible benefits, like human connection, sense of belonging, and creativity? More on this at our content selection of Week 22.

By Rani Molla | Vox | 14 min

"Of the 34 percent of workers who are estimated to be working from home, many will not go back. A survey of senior finance leaders by research firm Gartner found that 74 percent of organizations plan to shift some employees to remote work permanently. Consulting company Global Workplace Analytics estimates that when the pandemic is over, 30 percent of the entire workforce will work from home at least a couple times a week. Before the pandemic, that number was in the low single digits." Read more here.

Remote Work | Organizations | Business | COVID-19

By Katie Deighton | The Wall Street Journal | 4 min

"Sine Wave Entertainment Ltd. last month introduced Breakroom, a virtual-world product for remote workforces. It can accommodate all-hands meetings, secure one-on-ones and document sharing. Many customers initially assume they will recreate their offices, then realize they can make tweaks that would be impossible in the real world. We spend our lives wishing we were working in open, sunny campuses with butterflies outside,” Mr. Freeman said. “Here you can realize that dream.”" Read the full article here

Technology | Business | Remote Work

By Danny Crichton | Tech Crunch | 4 min

“Many of us will choose to work from home, and many of us will habitually return to the same working environment each day even if it isn’t our home. That’s fine. Flexibility doesn’t mean constantly changing everything up — it means we can change things when we want and need to. “Work From Anywhere” literally means anywhere, including the very office we would normally commute to." Read the full article here

Remote Work | Organizations | Business

By Nick Statt | The Verge | 5 min

"In the future, we could create a super-powered augmented workspace with multiple customizable screens in VR, unbounded from the limits of ​physical monitors. It would leverage technologies like Passthrough to create a mixed reality productivity experience that allows people to switch between real and virtual worlds at any time, improving spatial awareness while offering the flexibility we’re accustomed to with laptops and other common devices" Read the full article here

Technology | Business | Remote Work

By Matt Mullenweg | 5 min

Matt discusses how to make sense of the journey towards effective remote working — from a company’s cautious exploration of remote possibilities to a fully realized distributed experience. He looks at 5 levels of distributed work and how companies can evolve. Read the full article here

Leadership | Organizations| Business | COVID-19

by Jennifer Senior | The New York Times | 5 min

"But to me, the best arguments for the office have always been psychological — and never have they felt more urgent than at this moment. I’ll start with a subtle thing: Remote work leaves a terrible feedback vacuum. Communication with colleagues is no longer casual but effortful; no matter how hard you try, you’re going to have less contact — particularly of the casual variety — and with fewer people." Read the full article here

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