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Top Content Week 24

Seismic shifts of the pandemic forced us to reevaluate office work, what we know about productivity, and what is needed to reset and prepare for a more sustainable future. For more, check our content selection of week 24.


By Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg | Harvard Business Review | 9 min

"For many, the first weeks of managing a crisis feel extremely meaningful and energizing. But when I revisited the same leaders a few weeks later, they reported that something had happened to their energy and to the way their team was collaborating. The adrenaline-fueled pace of the initial crisis response began sputtering. Problems became more complex and exhausting. The varnish started to crack. The glory faded. Fuses were short." Read more here.

Remote Work | Organizations | Business | COVID-19

By Forbes Editors' Picks| Forbes | 11 min

"It’s tempting for companies to conclude the office is irrelevant. Perhaps commutes, conference rooms and coffee bars aren’t really that necessary after all. With billions invested in real estate and maintenance of the workplace, companies would be missing something if they weren’t at least asking questions about its necessity. But not so fast. The office simply cannot go away. It is necessary on multiple levels—for our effectiveness, for our sanity and for our humanity. " Read the full article here

Work | Organizations | Business | Productivity | COVID-19

By Aytekin Tank | Fast Company | 4 min

For many entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives, focus has never been more difficult to achieve. According to the U.K.-based New Statesman magazine, Google searches for “how to get your brain to focus” jumped by 300% between February and early May 2020." Read the full article here

Work | Productivity | Management | COVID-19

By Nick Routley | Visual Capitalist | 3 min

"While there can be technical or security-related reasons behind remote work resistance, a major barrier is simple resistance to change. Over 50% of companies that didn’t have a flexible or remote workplace policy cited “longstanding company policy” as the reason. In other words, that is just the way things have always worked." Read the full article here

Business | Remote Work | COVID-19


By Christiana Figueres | The Guardian | 4 min

"Crises are a moment of rupture and change. In the midst of the pandemic, we face a choice between recovering the carbon-intensive global economy that has set us on the path towards environmental breakdown, or accelerating the transition towards a future that prioritises the health of people and planet. Today, that future may be closer within our reach than it was at the beginning of 2020." Read the full article here

Sustainability | Climate | Environment | COVID-19

Multiple authors | McKinsey | 18 min

"Green technologies, biotech advances, and artificial intelligence could help tame agricultural emissions and waste, while safeguarding ocean resources." Read the full article here

Food | Agriculture | Sustainability | Economy

By Kate Whiting | World Economic Forum | 7 min

"As lockdowns are starting to ease, governments and organizations across the globe are turning their attention to the recovery process – and the opportunity it provides to rebuild in a different way. One that makes the world better for everyone and addresses the other great crisis of our time: climate change." Read the full article here

Sustainability | Technology | Economy | COVID-19


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