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Top Content Week 27

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

We are halfway through 2020, so this week we are taking some time to reflect on the biggest changes and shifts that happened from January till July.

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The COVID-19 pandemic and its domino effect have been the biggest topic in the first half of 2020. Impacting virtually all industries, the pandemic also reshaped the future of work.

By Rachel Muller-Heyndeyk | Raconteur | 4 min

Talent management strategies may completely change now that there is an increase in available remote workers and a higher understanding of how to integrate remote teams and cultivate collaboration. This article also explores the advantage of employing remote workers outside main urban locations. Read the full article here

Remote Work | Organizations | Business | COVID-19

Remote working also comes with challenges. One of them is the strain put on work culture, namely on the way it is built and perceived via screens.

By Jennifer Howard-Grenville | MIT Sloan Management Review | 9 min

Work culture may quickly crumble in the absence of physical interactions and creativity sparked in the common rooms of the office. One insightful note from the article conveys “office artifacts” (e.g.: a foosball table, an in-house chef) as vehicles for interaction, which can luckily be replaced with other interactive methods in the new remote culture. Read the full article here

Remote Work | Organizations | Business

Work culture is obviously not just about perks, but also about shared values. Increasingly, these values gravitate around diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

By Heidi Lynne Kurter | Forbes | 6 min

Diversity in the absence of authentic inclusion and belonging refers strictly to vanity numbers. Out of the six advice pieces offered to inspire companies to foster D&I, the “Review The Application and Selection Process” section is particularly insightful and a great call to action. Read the full article here

Organizations | Business | Management

The current conversations about diversity and inclusion have definitely been amplified by the multiple social injustice problems bubbling in the US and Europe.

By Lily Zheng | Harvard Business Review | 5 min

Although this article is 2 weeks old, it is becoming even more relevant. Currently, major companies are boycotting Facebook by withdrawing their ad money. This is because Facebook constantly avoided taking measures to reduce hate speech on its platforms. The article presents a clear framework for companies as they enter an age of increased corporate social accountability. Read the full article here

Organizations | Business | Management

It’s not just social justice demands that are increasing. It’s environmental justice as well. Understanding how racism and climate problems are linked is now essential.

By Sarah Kaplan | Washington Post | 4 min

Creating a fair society towards our planet doesn’t only mean rethinking the way resources are used and reused, but also assessing and repairing social inequity that makes certain groups of people experience the harshest effects of climate change. This article eloquently explains the link between climate, racial injustice, and history. Read the full article here

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